Vertebro chair

Vertebro is a chair with progressive system providing constant movement which keeps muscle corset, internal stabilizers and abdominal muscles active. It helps to eliminate muscle misbalances, scoliosis, vertebral column stabilizers, and stiffness of over-pulled muscle parts. It improves breathing, and repletion of limbs, brain and vertebral plates. All of the above helps to increase work productivity and overall quality of life.

Vertebro chair
Traditional chair
Traditional chair

Long-term sitting on traditional office chairs causes quite many various health issues such as headaches, neck aches, limb aches, and various vertebral blocks, varicose veins, tiredness and decreased work performance. Slack muscle corset, poorly nourished vertebral plates and overall absence of active movement will not be solved by ergonomic and “first glance” comfortable chairs.

Issues that Vertebro chair helps to solve

  • eliminate abnormal vertebral column bents
  • eliminate head and neck aches
  • support correct hip bone carriage
  • renew hp bone lordosis
  • strengthen vertebral column muscle corset
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Do not learn how to live with the pain; learn how to get rid of it!

Even people who perform sport activities regularly; but have to spend a lot of time with sitting in the office or studying over the books, can suffer from muscle misbalance, hip bone pains, head and neck aches etc.

Traditional office chairs and ergonomic chairs support static way of sitting which from the long term perspective contributes to cause health issues.

Where is the solution?

Trial period 20 days

As long as we are truly convinced about the quality and positive effects of our chairs; we have been offering prolonged trial period to 20 days for product return.

Free shipping

We will deliver free of charge within Slovak and Czech Republic.

Certification and Patents

Vertebro chair has successfully passed clinical tests and its balancing system is protected by patent.

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Expert counseling

Usage and purchase of Vertebro chair can be consulted directly with experts and specialists.

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For Companies:

We offer personal presentation, product testing, and tailored business conditions.

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User experience

" Based on recommendations from my orthopedist I have purchased the Vertebro chair. Thanks to my job I suffered a lot from great back bone pains and other spinal issues. Since I have started sitting on Vertebro chair, the pain is gone and I enjoy everything what I like."

Lukáš Bumbál / CEO / webdesign-studio s.r.o.

" With my photographer job I have to spend a lot of time with processing pictures on the computer screen. Back bone pains were soon coming over so I had started looking for solutions to eliminate the pain. I was not able to sit on a fit ball longer then hour or two. Exercising helped; however, not always I've had time to do it responsibly. After few weeks of using the Vertebro chair the back bone pain disappeared. Its movable seat constantly exercises my abdominal and spinal muscles and does not allow me to sit abnormally. I warmly recommend it to everybody!"

Kurt Konrad / Photographer / Konrad Production s.r.o.

Expert’s opinions

We are glad to mention the recommendations and knowledge from doctors-specialists, physiotherapists, and other experts who have been focusing on body motion and nervous system health issues. We greatly appreciate the information shared by these experts, which extremely helped us to develop and improve the Vertebro chair. Therefore, we are glad to share this information and we hope it will help to increase quality of your life.

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